Health Kinesiology is steadily becoming more popular, particularly amongst holistic therapists, and it is a natural way to identify physical, mental, and emotional issues.

Of course, as with any natural treatment, it faces detractors who are convinced that muscle testing is ‘quackery’, so let’s take a look at the scientific studies that have been performed…

Dr Anne Jensen is a well-respected researcher, with a wealth of experience. In 2014, her advanced research into muscle testing gained her a PhD from Oxford University. Her thesis described how muscle testing was an accurate and reliable tool for deciphering if a patient was telling the truth or lying about a subject.

In addition, she has published a series of studies and articles that show the true value of Health Kinesiology and muscle testing. All the papers are freely available from her website.

Aside from Dr Jensen’s research, there have been investigations that demonstrated how muscle response testing had a 90% correlation rate with blood sampling for allergies, and a study from as far back as 1979 that stated muscle response testing was reliable for allergy and nutritional deficiency identification.

Put simply, if you are keen to embrace natural medical techniques, then Health Kinesiology is a non-toxic, non-invasive way to accurately identify and treat a range of issues.

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