The Romans named the month of January after the God of doors, Janus, representing new beginnings and possessing the ability to see all things past and future. This ancient concept can very well applied to our relationship with food in the past, and how if this month we choose to follow a much healthier diet; we will agree on the most appropriate and sustainable for us in the future. Hopefully then, the decision to eat better, lose excess weight and get healthier in January won’t mean disappointment in February. 

Sometimes even if people have the best intentions to follow through their new eating plans, they don’t have the best information to support their changes. It is fundamental to understand a few things that can make you fail. For example, eating a diet that is too restrictive, excluding the wrong foods such as healthy fats or fruits, keeping unhealthy foods within reach, eating at night or simply not keeping track of your food intake.

In order to avoid failure and choose the correct eating plan, weight goals and exercise activities, Kinesiology sessions with Franky Kossy can prove fundamental.


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Next Kinesiology taster course in London on May 16th 2020 one day where you can learn basic kinesiology skills 4 life

If you cannot make it in London the following one day taster course is in Ramsgate, Kent on June 27th 2020

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