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The London Kinesiology clinic run by Franky Kossy specialises in: 

Overcoming past traumas

Enhancing learning abilities

Improving sports performance

Removing emotional stress

Removing physical stress

Allowing clarity for decision making

Identifying nutritional excess or deficiency

Stimulating healing of muscle injuries

Releasing fears and phobias

Muscle Response Testing

What is it?

How is it used in Kinesiology?

Kinesiology uses muscle response testing to identify what a person needs to become complete. A muscle responds to a negative stress by becoming weak and to a positive stress by becoming strong. When using this technique the kinesiology therapist is able to find through muscle response YES/NO questioning what, when and where an adjustment is needed to improve your general wellbeing.


what is it?

In 1964 Dr George Goodheart Jr, a chiropractor in Detroit Michigan, discovered that he could not only use muscle response testing to evaluate a client but also that he could use a variety of simple physical, nutritional or meridian energy adjustments that would return muscle function back to normal.

Dr Jimmy Scott, PH.D , founder of Health Kinesiology tm now called Natural Bioenergetics tm further helped to develop the official definition as:

“Kinesiology is a noninvasive method using muscle response testing and body awareness that help reduce stress and pain, improve performance at school, at work, at home, in sports, in relationships and promotes well being.”

Dr. Jimmy Scott, using Dr. George Goodheart Jr’s basic principles, created an all-encompassing system to address and improve greater wellness and functioning.

Kinesiology relies on the fact that at some deep unconscious level the body knows exactly what it needs to regain its optimum wellbeing and the kinesiologist simply lets the body SPEAK OUT by muscle response testing.

How can Kinesiology Work for you?

About Franky Kossy

Franky Kossy akfrp afht, is a qualified  Kinesiologist and a registered member of both the Kinesiology Federation and the Federation of Holistic Therapists since 2000 and has been awarded the designation of ADVANCED Kinesiologist by the Kinesiology Federation.


Kinesiologist career change

Twenty years ago, after a successful career in accounting I decided that it was time to explore another side of life.  I started training as a Kinesiologist in London much to the surprise of my family and friends.

I have never looked back. I am passionate about Kinesiology and assisting people find their path and optimum wellbeing.

My practice is in London’s Harley St where I facilitate change through the tools of Kinesiology.


Franky Kossy

I moved to London in 1996 and shortly after I started studying  Kinesiology in London and immediately knew it would be my new profession. I have had the privilege of studying with Dr Jimmy Scott PH.D, founder of Health Kinesiology now called Natural Bioenergetics.


Get More Energy

“Franky and her work are PHENOMENAL! I first met her in 1998 as a result of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I was sleeping 16 hours per day and making a cup of tea was a tremendous effort. It was such a challenging time in my life. Doctors did not know what to do with me. Back than it was not well known as today. It was mentally hard too because i had known myself to be an active person that was unable to do much… It was right after completing my PhD. The stress and work overload caught up with me. Franky literally brought me back to life. Franky is able to identify and correct deep and unknown thought patterns. She does is with such precision and so profoundly and easily! I highly recommend her. She is gifted beyond the technique she uses. No matter what is your challenge my guess is that she is able to resolve it. I suggest that you Run to make an appointment with her! “

R L, Ph.D.

Wealth Coach

Bladder Issues

I took our 11 year old daughter to Franky (on the advice of our Swiss GP) to try to treat her bladder issues – she had no sensation of needing to pee, which is a difficult thing to treat with physio, and as a result she still wet the bed around once a month and would start to pee in her underwear before making it to the loo about 4/5 times a week.

I confess that when I saw Franky’s work I was more than a little cynical – it seemed absolutely bonkers and I left her office not really believing it could possibly have done anything at all. But the proof was in the pudding. Within 2 days of that first treatment she had a sensation of needing to pee; she NEVER wet the bed or peed in her pants again, until around 10 months later (we live overseas so it was a long time before we were able to come to Franky again for the 2nd treatment – we should have come back for a second treatment after 4 months or so, but it had been so effective that I was lazy).
We have just had the 2nd treatment, and I am quite sure that things will be back on track again now.
I am amazed by the success and have been completely evangelical about it ever since!!
  • she now has the sensation to pee again: fixed
  • she has not wet the bed or wet her knickers since we saw you: fixed
  • her poor has become “normal” again: fixed
  • she did 2 days of snow angels over the weekend (while I was away) which I suspect were not done 100% perfectly, and now 3 days of good ones, twice a day, and see the attached video. No longer kicking her hips out. Unbelievable. I only wish I had taken a “before” video to show the difference – v annoyingly, I did not…
So a resounding success I would say!! Thank you Franky….
Emma Kind


Free to Eat Anything!

After 13 years of chronic and often serious digestive problems, food intolerances and allergies which took me all the way through the NHS, private medicine and a plethora of alternative therapies, it’s no overstatement to say that Franky Kossy has changed my life. I can safely say that not only am I no longer in a constant state of pain and exhaustion, but I am full of energy, eat and enjoy all the food I love, feel well and am fulfilling my dreams.


Singer / Songwriter

A Clear Head!

I suffered with cluster headaches for so many years I couldn’t believe it when they disappeared after Health Kinesiology sessions with Franky identified I was allergic to something in my garden. Amazing!


Chartered Surveyor


I’ve been seeing Franky for Health Kinesiology for “unknown rashes” all over my body. With Health Kinesiology you don’t need to diagnose what you have it just gets dealt with!


Retired Banker

Hi Franky, just to let you know that since my last visit I am a new person. HK this time helped A LOT. Thank you very much. Have a good day!


I thoroughly recommend Franky. Her warm and relaxed approach made the sessions so enjoyable and the results were great! The treatment worked in a very gentle way, so much so that the shifts happen without you realising!



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