Are you keen to live a more holistic and healthy lifestyle?

In order to cope with the stress, life throws at us, many people use a variety of methods to comfort themselves. This may involve using prescription drugs, alcohol, or nicotine to help them relax. While these techniques may ‘work’ on a short-term basis, in the long-term they are obviously not a healthy solution.

What if there were other ways?

Luckily there are! Exercise, eating a balanced diet, and drinking herbal teacan all reduce our stress levels, as can meditation, yet in order to find a long-lasting and permanent stress solution, we ultimately need to resolve the issues that cause tension in the first place.

Muscle testing is a skill used in Health Kinesiology that reveals energy blockages and chemical imbalances and can help us to identify where our stress issues originally stem from.

Once we know the problems we need to fix, a holistic treatment plan can be put into place. This may include:

  • Lymphatic massage

  • Nutritional suggestions

  • Electrical balancing

  • Emotional counselling

Over the course of just a few sessions, most patients notice a significant improvement in their mindset and level of well-being… and it all starts with the skill of muscle testing!

SELF CARE | While an increasing number of people are learning muscle testing for career purposes (in order to become an in-demand holistic practitioner), others are using it to enrich their own lives – put simply, muscle testing is a technique that can allow you to live a healthier, more balanced and less dependent lifestyle. It is a non-invasive and drug-free method of achieving equilibrium. 

To learn basic muscle testing methods, you can choose to enrol on one of my foundation courses that are regularly held in London. 

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