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Franky Kossy Pure Energy is the leading clinic for Kinesiology London. From our clinic on Harley Street in central London to our virtual consultations, we have a growing reputation for making health and wellness concerns disappear.

Why Franky Kossy for Kinesiology London?

Franky Kossy’s clinic for Kinesiology London is located in central London on Harley Street, and even before the pandemic, she has been offering consultations online to both national and international clients. 

 Franky Kossy has been practising kinesiology in London for over 20 years, reinventing herself after the millennium. She is also highly regarded in the training world, enabling more people who value kinesiology to become kinesiologists: Kinesiology Course.

 As a highly experienced Health Kinesiology therapist, she uses various kinesiology techniques in combination with acupressure to balance her clients’ health and wellness.

 These techniques have not only transformed Franky’s personal life but also can transform yours too.

 Franky was trained in London under Dr Jimmy Scott, the founder of Health Kinesiology, along with other leading tutors.  Shortly after graduating, she launched Franky Kossy Pure Energy.

 Since starting, many people have achieved optimum health and reached their goals by resolving emotional and health issues, thus transforming them into healthier more productive and energetically balanced individuals.

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a powerful, non-invasive, and gentle therapy. 

Combined with the energy knowledge of chiropractic theory with acupuncture, kinesiology uses various techniques to release deep-rooted blocks. 

It uses a scientifically proven method called Muscle Response Testing to identify imbalances in the bioenergy system, which can cause mental, physical and emotional disease.

Whatever your health concern, consider kinesiology as your alternative route to achieving wellness. 

What to Expect?

Face-to-Face Consultations


Our first consultation together will involve an initial chat about your medical and personal history. 

Your treatment will begin immediately after the initial chat.

Once your treatment begins, you will feel freer and very relaxed as physical and emotional blockages get released. Franky’s job is to “translate” what your body wants by using muscle response testing, and as these blockages get released she often sighs deeply as the energy shifts.

By the end of the first session, you’ll feel positively transformed! You’ll feel lighter and less weighed down as your wellness journey blossoms. 

Online Consultations

Everything is identical except for a few differences explained here.

Like the face-to-face sessions, we will have an initial chat, and start immediately after that. 

These sessions are as effective as face-to-face, but instead of me using your muscle-to-muscle response test I use my own muscles for muscle testing—this popular technique is known as ‘surrogating’.

Like at the end of the face-to-face session, you’ll feel transformed without battling to get to me in central London.

How Can Kinesiology Help You?

Traumas, Fears and Phobias

Your body responds whenever you think about past trauma fears or phobias. Kinesiology can disconnect the thought with your body’s response,
so the trauma, fear or phobia feels ever so distant from you.

Enhanced Brain Function and Memory

We can remove cranial and emotional stress affecting your rational thought process to help make better decisions. In addition, this free space can improve your ability to comprehend more information and your ability to retain this information.

Allergy Testing

Your body’s muscles respond when allergens are nearby. We can identify which allergens trigger stronger allergic reactions using various muscle testing techniques and reduce the reaction.  

Improved Sports Performance

Through various kinesiology techniques, we reduce pain caused by swelling to encourage a faster recovery. In addition, we can prepare your muscles and body for strenuous activities leading to improved performance.


We will identify the areas of stress and the causes, stimulate acupressure points and use other energetic techniques to restore your body’s imbalance.

Clarity and Focus

Kinesiology helps you connect with your surrounding energy and helps you to return to a state of control, which allows you to gain clarity of situations to make crucial decisions.

Nutritional Excess and Deficiencies

Through muscle testing, we can identify any food intolerances and vitamin and mineral deficiencies. This can quickly improve your overall health by consuming the right amount of the right foods.

Physical Ailments

We can find the underlying causes of physical ailments, and using Kinesiology techniques, it is possible for those to also disappear.

Is Kinesiology London Right for You?

If you have not tried Kinesiology London and are unsure whether it will help you, we encourage you to get in touch for a discovery call over the phone.
But, if you know you need a session or two, you can book it here.

Whatever your health concern, consider kinesiology as your alternative route to wellness.


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Use the map or the postcode W1G 9QD.  We are in Building 1 Harley Street, London.  This is our kinesiology clinic.  We also offer online kinesiology which is proving very popular and just as effective.


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