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Each Kinesiology consultation is tailored to your needs using information stored in your subconscious. Kinesiology therapy downloads this information using an evidence-based scientific approach called muscle testing.

Kinesiology treatments in Harley St London are both relaxing and liberating. As your energy becomes unblocked your goals are naturally achieved.

London Office Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

8:00 am – 8:00 pm 

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What to Expect

Kinesiology treatments are transformative, relaxing and non invasive.

After an initial chat about your medical and personal history, the kinesiology treatment begins by making sure your arm muscle responds appropriately and that you are energetically ready to start your session.

Franky’s Kinesiology treatment will allow you to feel free of physical and emotional blockages.

During your treatment Franky facilitates this transformation and acknowledges it by expressing deep sighs. 

You will be positively transformed by releasing and unblocking energy.

Kinesiology treatments will make you feel lighter and less weighted down as your journey of wellness unfolds.

Loyalty and discount schemes



Recommend five new clients and earn a free 55 minute consultation.

Family Discounts

One child under the age of 5 is treated FREE if another person in the family is being treated. 

Course Discounts


With every friend that you recommend to a course SAVE £30 on your next course.

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