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By the time I went to Franky, I was very ill. I had suffered regular bouts of severe cystitis for decades and now it had become permanent and resistant to several antibiotics, with extreme pain, including screaming kidneys if I moved quickly. I had also become generally weak and shaky.

Cystitis eventually became controllable and pain levels reduced with each visit – to me, a miracle.

In addition, I was generally stronger and more agile again – and surprisingly not limping as much (would never otherwise have linked limping to the cystitis!). 

Dianna – retired solicitor

HOT, Hot, Hot!

 I came to see Franky and experience Health Kinesiology earlier this year as my symptoms from menopause were causing me discomfort on both a physical and mental level.

Franky, through her long experience of Health Kinesiology, has helped me rebalance my hormones and release emotional blocks I wasn’t even conscious I was holding. My mood is now a lot lighter and calmer and I find myself feeling very hopeful even in times of stress and my physical state feels balanced and strong.

 I find Health Kinesiology a great tool for keeping me healthy and upright during the menopause. Franky’s approach is gentle and deep. I can highly recommend her to you.

Patti Clare – Coronation Street.


I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first had a treatment with Franky, but even with an open mind, I was quite amazed by the results. After each treatment, a previously intransigent situation started to ease in a way that I could not have foreseen. It seemed that something shifted after each session, bringing a resolution that is peaceful and easy. Thank you Franky, for your wonderful work.



This is the response from a client after one session with her autistic son.

Yes, he is a lot calmer and school and speech therapist has said he has moved on suddenly academically and socially! So definitely improving.

👍 Lisa – Mother


I first came to see Franky after a round of IVF, which had resulted in a miscarriage and D&C operation.
I was at a low-ebb, keen to try another round of IVF but also needed some space to breath.
Heath Kinesiology gave me the answers I was looking for in when to start treatment again, and energetically it shifted my negative perspective.
I did another round of IVF, this time resulting in a successful pregnancy and birth of a baby girl.
I continued my kinesiology appointments throughout the pregnancy, Franky worked both on me and the baby. Dot is a very happy little person, she was born that way, and I’m sure that is down to the kinesiology treatment she received in utero.
I am a complete believer in the power on kinesiology. It is difficult to explain what it shifts in you, but there is no doubt in my mind that the work that Franky does is transformative for body and soul.

Jenny – Interior Designer 

brain power

When I first visited Franky I was in the middle of my GCSE exams and was feeling extremely stressed, so much so that I was having difficulty sleeping the night before an exam which in turn made the situation even worse. After only one session Franky was able to restore my focus during the exams and reduce my stress which improved both my sleep pattern and exam scores. In fact my results showed that on average my scores were far better after the treatment than in the exams before it. I truly believe this was due to Franky’s help, I am very grateful and would advise anyone who needs help dealing with stress to visit Franky. Thank you so much Franky!

Jonathan – University Student

Getting better

I went through 13 years of chronic and often serious digestive problems, food intolerances and allergies following a serious illness in my late teens. This took me all the way through the NHS, private medicine and a plethora of alternative therapies. It’s no overstatement to say that Franky Kossy has changed my life. Not only am I no longer in a constant state of pain and exhaustion but a lot of the time I am full of energy and eat and enjoy all the food I love.

While I’m no longer usually unwell, I caught a virus in India a few months ago and again, she seems to have been the person who has made the most significant difference in my recovery. Highly recommended – I’m about to book her again!

Jess – Artist

Childhood Trauma


Dear Franky

Upon this special occasion of my dear daughter’s wedding!

I remember what you did for her with your magic touch!

I am forever grateful to you!

She is now a beautiful,healthy young lady. Thank God!



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