Are the symptoms of the menopause starting to get you down? Are you reluctant to use hormone replacement therapy?

Many women dread the onset of the menopause, largely due to some significant and undesirable symptoms:

  • Mood swings – Mood swings can make menopausal women more emotional and irritable. These alterations in mood can be extreme with depression and also very happy moments.
  • Hot flushes – Sleep may often be disturbed with hot and cold flushes, caused by the menopause transition. Spicy foods and drink can also trigger hot flushes within the body.
  • Loss of libido – Age-related decreases in testosterone may reduce sexual desire, although in other women there is no decrease. For those affected, it may contribute to relationship problems.
  • Memory issues – 62% of women are likely to have some form of memory change during the menopause. This is usually minor issues such as forgetfulness or a change in attention span.

If your body has difficulty coping with the transition, there is an alternative to HRT.

Health Kinesiology is extremely effective in improving many issues that are associated with menopause. By muscle testing we identify which meridian is blocked and then ask what we need to do to unblock these energy channels. This helps us to identify what is happening in the body and the resulting effects on health.

Using kinesiology to balance the energy has numerous benefits:

  • It allows the natural process of menopause to continue
  • Kinesiology is safe and non-invasive
  • Specific symptoms can be addressed, such as mood swings, hot flushes, and libido issues

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